Most Awesome

The unlucky readers of this blog have shown these posts a lot of love. The thread running through them is a championing of a culture of being and doing over one of controlling and having. I’ve tentatively divided these “most awesome posts” into three broad “themes:”

  • The Art of Doing
  • The Art of Being
  • Cultural Critique

I hope these “awesome” thought experiments give you a sense of what I and my comrades think about a variety of modern dynamics. I also hope that they highlight those writings and ideas that have grabbed others’ fleeting attention.  Enjoy, comment, and share!

The Art of Doing

A Meditative Coil: Conjuring Meaning through an Ancient Art (by Bethany Chaney)

5 Reasons to Work with your Hands

The Beginning: How to Learn a New Craft

Vernacularity 101 (by Dave Deming)

10 Simple Ways to “Stick it to the Man”

The Art of Being

Why the Mindful Walk is the Way to Stroll

Time is More Valuable than Money

Must We Ignore Each Other?

The Awesomeness of Awe

What does Freedom Mean to You?

Cultural Critique

Contra the “Sharing Economy”, for Sharing

What Makes a Place Beautiful

He had a Dream, not a Cost-Benefit Analysis

The Beauty of Disruption