7 Gifts derived from the simple act of Being

Being at the Lake

There are at least 7 gifts derived from the simple act of being. By being, I’m referring to something akin to mindfulness, a state of nonjudgmental attention to the present. Here, being also shares a lot in common with Martin Heidegger’s term dwelling, as in dwelling in space and place. But more specifically, I’m talking about being with and being in, as in being with this person, being in this place and in this moment. In this way, being is really about savoring the thisness of life.

These gifts don’t require a trip to the store or an online purchase, and they’re certainly not rendered by those in the professional services industry. These gifts that the state of being can provide come from you and and only you.

Gift 1. Attuning to your inner cognitive and emotional states.

Being with and in get us in touch with our inner cognitive and emotional states of mind, which reveal to us such important pieces of self-knowledge as:  what we like and don’t like; whom we love and don’t love; and what we should and shouldn’t do with our short lives.

Gift 2. Allowing you to be who you are.

Being allows us to be authentic, to be who we really are. And expressing our true selves grants others access to the real you, which gives them a chance to love you for who you are.

Gift 3. Knowing a place, your place.

Being in place grants you the ever-gratifying privilege of getting to deeply know a place. By being in place, you begin to notice the life and intelligence of the waters, hillsides, flora, and fauna that share your locale with you. And this act of mindful engagement leads to a thorough taking stock of the changing patterns of lightness and darkness, of shadow, of coolness and warmness, of shifting winds, and seasonal transformations.

Gift 4. Improving your memory.

Being in this moment enhances your memory of your lived experience. It doesn’t bother with what’s past or what’s forthcoming, it’s chiefly concerned with participating in the unfolding moments of your life.

Gift 5. Letting go of unhelpful judgment.

Being with this person means engaging in a special kind of reciprocity with others. Just as you wish others would “let you be”, you’ll want to cast aside judgment about people, places, emotions, and take pleasure in allowing others to be what and who they are.

Gift 6. Breaking free of habits of the hand and mind.

Being in this moment allows you to break free of limiting habits and routines, and to express your unique creativity. Mindless repetition and thoughtless actions are replaced with mindful consideration of your actions and ways of expressing yourself.

Gift 7. Feeling alive and vital.

Being with people, and in place and moments is being awake for this brief, difficult, exciting, sorrowful, vibrant phenomenon we call life.

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